Technical Training
Technical Training
BHAGAVATHI ANA LABS PVT. LTD.'s TRAINING DIVISION extends Technical training to personnel in the fields of Environment and Analytical testing to meet growing needs of the industry.
Hands-on training would be provided with latest techniques and state-of-the-art equipment.
Who should attend
The programmes are designed to improve technical proficiency
Freshers from Colleges and Universities
Working Professionals
BHAGAVATHI offers tailored onsite training courses to the pharmaceutical, life science, medical device industries, Food Industries and Diary industries.
Expected outcome
Enhancement of Analytical skills
Training on real-time issues
Efficient handling of equipment
On completion
Certificates from Bhagavathi Ana Labs Ltd
For more details
E-mail us at: or
Talk to our Training Co-ordinator at
040-27634891 / 040-66614956.
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